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The Advantages Of A Compact Folding E Bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 30, 2018

In recent days, many compact folding E bikes in the market have been favored by many users. This type of vehicle can be carried around, and after being folded, it can be brought into the subway, buses, etc. It can also be placed directly in the trunk of a taxi. Only if we need it, then we can put the electric bicycle in a safe place and we don't need to worry about it being stolen.


We know that this folding E bike can be used not only as an electric vehicle but also as a bicycle. When we need it, we can fold it up. This is very practical in the increasingly congested city life. Therefore, many friends use it as a means of daily commuting.


At present, most of folding electric bicycles on the market are made of all-aluminum alloy structures, so they are lightweight and easy to handle. Compared with traditional electric bicycles, it has the following advantages:

First, it is lightweight, the weight of the vehicle is greatly reduced, and it is convenient to carry; at the same time, because of its quality reduction, it can also reduce the consumption of electric energy during the riding process, and it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Second, folding electric bikes can be folded after riding up, on trains, buses, buses, taxis. And in daily use, this foldable electric vehicle can also flexibly enter the elevator to facilitate the daily needs.

Thirdly, since the folding electric bicycle itself has a small volume, the occupied area of the electric bicycle is also very small, and it is more space-saving after being folded up. This solves the problem that the living area is small and there is no garage to properly place the vehicle.

Fourth, the appearance of the car is very stylish, beautiful, simple and generous.

Fifth, with the improvement of technology, the current folding electric bicycle also has a number of adjustment functions for user convenience.

In addition, in order to better meet the requirements of different consumers, currently on the folding E bike products gradually formed a different model, for example, can be divided into students, youth products and middle-aged products.

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