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What to look for when choosing a small electric commuting bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 19, 2017

The first thing to think about when choosing a small electric commuting bike is that we actually have to look at the configuration of a small commuter bike because the motor, the battery, the controller, or the charger, or the electric car Four main core components. And in terms of their motors, there are three categories, including high-speed motors, low-speed brushless motors, and their low-speed brush motors.


Next, the battery on a small electric commuting bike is actually divided into 24V, 36V, 48V according to the voltage directly; in accordance with its capacity, it will be divided into a lot of types such as 8Ah, 12Ah, 14Ah. In accordance with the type of battery is divided into lead-acid, nickel metal hydride, lithium batteries.


And in terms of the battery, it is actually a combination of voltage and capacity, when the car with 24 volts and 8 amps, such as Heda 125 with Hypertherm 48 volt 14 amp, we actually have to pay attention Under the capacity between them, the power and distance traveled and the price is actually a difference of 2-3 times. And the controller in the quality, price, performance, there will be a big difference, the performance of small electric commuting bike on the actual performance can be imagined.


Furthermore, in the selection of small electric commuting bike, in fact, we should also pay attention to look at the use of look. The high speed motor is more efficient, powerful and climbing ability is also very strong, more suitable for longer Distance driving requires some climbing ability and a heavier weight of riders.


The application of small brushless low-speed electric commuter bicycle, because it uses an electronic commutator to solve the current commutation problem, this time on the controller that is prone to burning phenomenon, the entire system is reliable Performance is transferred from the motor to the controller; low-speed brushed motors are also inefficient, and these small, electric commuter bicycles adapt to the flatness of the road and to the lesser cyclist.

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