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What 's the difference of the hidden battery electric bike?

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2017

At present, no one can deny that electric vehicles have already infiltrated into our daily life, and become one of the indispensable means of travel. And there is a kind of special electric vehicle in the electric vehicle, that is, hidden battery electric bike. First of all, analyzing from the name, we can know that the main difference of the hidden battery electric bicycle is that the battery is hidden.


In fact, hidden battery electric bike has gradually be from fun to good use, and is gradually coming into people 's life. In comparison, not only the overall design is relatively simple, from the point of view of appearance, there is almost no difference between ordinary bicycles and hidden battery electric bikes. With its own advantages of convenience, longer endurance and so on, it provides a more convenient choice for people to travel.


So far, the hidden battery electric bike has helped many users to solve the inconvenience of travel, but also further expand the user groups of electric vehicles. The battery of this electric bike is actually hidden in the frame, and the weight of the whole bike is lighter than the general commuter electric bike too much. In terms of performance, its endurance is not inferior, even in some cases, it can reach a further distance.


In addition, hidden battery electric bike accessories are also very strong, which makes many friends very enchanted. At present, the electric vehicle as a new type of transportation, consumers are mainly concentrated in the young user groups.


Considering this situation, when designing, we need to keep a more fashionable appearance for the hidden battery electric bike, and at the same time to make the performance of the hidden battery electric bike more excellent. And the hidden battery electric bike needs to be more rich in function, to meet the riding needs of different users.

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