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The working principle and performance of high speed electric mountain bikes

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 06, 2019

The high-speed electric mountain bicycle is a combination of mechanical, electronic, software and magnetic. The system uses a dual magnetic circuit-Hall elastic angle difference to detect the dynamic moment generated when the human foot is stepped, and converts the dynamic torque signal into a digital number. The signal is then converted to an analog signal output to the controller. The system can complete the set storage function and the zero error of the system error by storing the single-chip microcomputer to ensure the matching with the whole vehicle and the consistency of the product.


High-speed electric mountain bicycles use about half of the pure electric vehicles, avoiding the damage caused by large current discharge and helping to extend the battery life. According to the user's riding mode and the controller - the matching of the motor can be changed: the compensation amount of the torque parameter and the compensation amount of the kinetic energy parameter.


According to the size of the afterburning of different users, the user can set the ride while riding the high speed electric mountain bikes to achieve the humanized operation to meet the needs of different customers. Function combinations can be made according to user requirements, such as instrument components, intelligent dual control, speed control and so on.


The high speed electric mountain bikes has a three-speed auxiliary ratio switch, which can set the maximum speed limit according to the transmission ratio of the whole vehicle. When the riding speed is high, the power supply can be gradually reduced. The instrument component is equipped with a vehicle sleep function interface: when the whole vehicle stops running for 5 minutes, there is a sleep state signal output; it can work normally in turbid water.

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