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The warranty and relevant fault treatment of the urban electric bicycle

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 24, 2017

Generally speaking, what kind of warranty does the urban electric bicycle provide? The standard components used in the urban electric bicycles can be easily obtained from any reputable bicycle maintenance shop. The mechanical parts of the urban electric bicycle are not guaranteed. However, the most expensive parts of the motor, controllers and batteries will be covered with a limited 12-months warranty.


When facing the phenomenon of water loss in the urban electric bicycle, prise off  the cover plate above the battery, open the rubber cap, expose the air-bleed hole, look inside the bicycle battery through the air-bleed hole, and observe whether there is dry phenomenon in the small hole. The polar plate of the battery will be wrapped in white glass fiber cotton, and will be kept wet under normal conditions.


Suck distilled water with a dropper and fill it through the air-bleed hole into the urban electric bicycle battery. Cover the air-bleed hole with a breathable screen to prevent dust from falling into the air-bleed hole. It is better to use the medical grade distilled water. The principle of water replenishment is fewer but better.If it is not enough, the water  can be added. If the water is more, it will lead to the acid proportion decline, the battery capacity will be insufficient.


When the polar plate of the urban electric bicycle appears softening, to discharge the battery to 10.5V, discharge the bulb deeply for 1-5 hours.

The activation instrument is used for activation repair.


When the urban electric bicycle appears the short circuit phenomenon, it will break the short circuit place. When there is an open circuit, a single measurement should be used. Use the multimeter to measure the place where an open circuit occurs and then weld.

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