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The use of fashion electric bike for chargers and batteries

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

Fashion electric bike charger is to add energy to the battery device, under normal circumstances will be effective in two-phase charging mode and three-stage mode two, the former is the first constant voltage charging, in the process of charging its current will The rise in battery voltage is gradually reduced.
Fashion electric bike will wait until the battery power to a certain extent, so the battery voltage will rise to the charger set value, this time into a trickle charge, three-stage charging mode is mainly refers to the beginning of the charge, the first Constant current charge, and then quickly add energy to the battery.
Fashion electric bike in the battery voltage will be effectively converted to constant voltage charging, this time the battery can slowly add the mine, the battery voltage will continue to rise to its charger charge termination voltage, the trickle Charge to maintain the battery and supply the battery self-discharge current.
Fashion electric bike battery is to provide electric car energy car energy, the main use of electric vehicles lead-acid battery combination. In addition, nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries have also been in some light folding electric cars began to use.
Fashion electric bike in the process of running the controller main control board for the electric car main circuit, in operation with a large operating current, which will send a lot of heat, so the equipment do not park in the sun exposure, do not long Time to rain, so you can avoid the controller of its failure.

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