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The right riding method of the electric mountain bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 08, 2017

Do you know what the correct riding posture of the electric mountain bike is? In the riding, what good habits should we develop? When you  encounter an uphill, how should you finish it successfully? Then, let’s understand the specific content.


1. The riding posture of the electric mountain bike

In order to ride an electric mountain bike in a labor saving way, and keep a more handsome posture, first to make sure that the riding posture is correct: The upper body should be slightly forward, the head should be slightly forward and look straight ahead. Keep the arms bend naturally , Hold the handlebars lightly and forcefully with both hands. The waist bent, the feet do the vertical circular pedal movement. The legs are not allowed to swing, and the weight is evenly distributed on the buttock, feet and hands.


2. Riding the electric mountain bike should form good pedaling habits

In the actual riding of the electric mountain bike, many people are used to using the arch of the foot to contact with the pedal. But this riding habit is not correct, especially in the process of long ride, it is easy to cause fatigue. It is recommended that you use the front foot to pedal. Of course, if you keep a posture for a long time, you can feel more sore, so you can change the pedaling way properly.

At present, when the electric mountain bike athletes are riding, the commonly used pedaling ways mainly includes three kinds, including freestyle pedal, tiptoe down pedal method and heel down pedal method. In contrast, the first is the most common, and most people are more relaxed in such a riding style, so that the leg muscles can be fully relaxed.


3. The uphill riding skills of the electric mountain bike

When riding the electric mountain bike, if you encounter an uphill, according to the different slope, you need different skills. Usually, the short slope should be completed by the accelerated use of inertia, and for long slope or steep slope, different gears need to be changed, and the pedal frequency and strength should be maintained.

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