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The requirements for the purchase of environmentally friendly electric bike and the importance of the motor

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Eenvironmentally friendly electric bike in the purchase process need to pay attention to some factors, consumers need to choose some well-known brands, so that the environmentally friendly electric bike in the quality and after-sales service are guaranteed, in the selection of models, different models of its Security and the use of the difference is relatively large, it is recommended to buy simple, lightweight equipment.
Environmentally friendly electric bike need to pay attention to the surface of the smooth, glossy, effective attention to its welding, paint and electroplating quality, in the trial ride, feel the vehicle start, accelerate, driving is smooth, the vehicle is comfortable, Check the brake tightness, handlebar flexibility, wheel activity.
Environmentally friendly electric bike in the purchase must check procedures, the effective inspection of its production license, the use of instructions and certificates are valid, safe, check the car with accessories are complete. Pay special attention to whether the local approval of the model on the card.
Environmentally friendly electric bike in the motor is the most important vehicle accessories, an electric bike motor basically determines the performance and grade of the car. Electric bike used by the motor are mostly efficient rare earth permanent magnet motor, which is mainly divided into high-speed brush teeth + wheel motor, low-speed brush motor and low-speed brushless motor three.
In the course of riding, the electric motor will effectively convert its battery power into mechanical energy, so that it can drive the electric car rotating parts, the electric car used in the motor, its mechanical structure, speed range and power form There are many kinds of. Common are: a brush with a hub motor, brushless gear motor, brushless gearless motor and so on.

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