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The principle and advantages of the electric mountain bike cycling

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

The principle of the electric mountain bike cycling is to combine the machinery, electron, software and magnetism together. And use the double magnetic circuit - Hall elastic angle difference count to detect the dynamic torque, and change the dynamic torque signal into digital signal, then turn into the analog signal and output to controller, so that the controller can judge and carry on the corresponding control to realize the good riding of the electric mountain bike cycling.


Advantages of the electric mountain bike cycling:

1.At the same time of leisure fitness, you can improve the endurance mileage of the whole vehicle. The current is not very large, and it can avoid the damage to the motor.

2.The loading function of system can be set according to the riding style of cyclists and the matching of controller and motor. There are other functions that can be used to meet different use requirements.

3.There are different types of motor controller. And the module combinations design concept is used for functional composition. The safety performance of the vehicle is also very high. It has good anti-interference ability, which can be used in bad environment.


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