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The Maintenance Technology of Electric Bike When Pproblem Comes

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

When there is no electricity of electric bike, how to solve it?
(1) check whether the output wire of battery is break or not
(2) Check whether fuse and fuse-holder is good or not
(3) Check whether battery lock is good or not

When electric bike has electricity but it doesn’t work, how to solve it?
(1) check whether output of battery works good or not. For example, if the output of battery is too low, then it means battery is damaged. And you need to change battery soon.
(2) Pull the brake line. If bike is turning, it means brake lever is damaged. And it need to maintenance or change new one.
(3) Check the brake lever with a short wire to turn the wire and the signal line. If bike turns, it means brake lever damages. And it need to maintenance or change soon.
(4) The controller is good or bad can be used to turn the line of the 5V short connection. If brake lever turns, it means controller is no problem. And the easiest way is to smell whether there is burned smell. If there is burned smell, then it means controller has problem.
(5) Check whether motor is good or not. If motor carbon brush contact is false back which cause it cannot get through.

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How to maintenance the electric bike motor?
(1) brush motor can use universal meter to check whether it is good or not.
(2) Before replace the carbon brush of brush motor,you need to note whether the friction of switch and carbon brush is virtual connection. If yes, then use the sandpaper friction switch and carbon brush to keep the same distance.
(3) Turn on the motor Note that the motor line packs do not rub the wire bag to avoid damage to the package. Do not use iron things stick to the magnet so as not to cause the magnet to break
(4) Brushless motor replacement Hall should pay attention to the connection of the Hall line
(5) For the magnet and the magnet on the top of the plastic should be clear and clean, with the magnet and the magnet should be put in the opposite direction of the plastic and then stick.

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