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The lighting test and requirements of the accumulator amount before riding the high speed mountain E-bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

In the ride of the high speed mountain E-bike, if the rotation flexibility of the fore-and-aft wheel is not good, it will increase the rotational friction and power consumption, and effectively reduce the Full charge endurance. So in the ride, once there is failure, it needs timely lubrication and maintenance. The lubrication will generally use the grease, calcium-based or lithium base grease and so on.

In the circuit checking process of the high speed mountain E-bike, the power switch needs to be turned on and effectively check whether the circuit is unblocked, the connector clips are firm and reliable and the protective tube works normally, especially the connection the battery output terminal and the cable is firm and reliable. The fault should be eliminated in time.

It is necessary to check whether the amount of the accumulator is enough before riding the high speed mountain E-bike. If the quantity of electricity is not enough, it need to be properly supplemented by human riding, to avoid battery undervoltage work. It also needs to check the working condition of the motor before riding. Start the motor and adjust the speed of the motor to observe and listen to the operation of the motor, if there is abnormal phenomenon, it should be repaired timely.

The lighting and horn should be checked before riding the high speed mountain E-bike. The headlight of the e-bike should be bright especially at night, then the light beam generally should fall within the range of 5 - 10 meters in front of the headstock. The horn sound should be loud and not hoarse. The cornering lamp should blink normally and have normal turn signal. The flicker frequency of the light is 75-80 times / minute, and the meter display is normal.

The high speed mountain E-bike tries not to use zero starting, especially in load and uphill areas. When starting, you should first ride manually, when reaching a certain speed, then switch to electric driving, or directly use the electricity to drive. This is because when starting, the motor must first overcome the static frictional force. At this time the current is large, and close or even reach the resistance current, which will make the battery work with large current and accelerate the damage of the battery.

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