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The knowledge that must be mastered in the purchase of light weight folding electric bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 08, 2019

With the popularity of cycling, light-folding electric bicycles are portable and settled in people's lives. Consumers should consider the original intention of their own purchases and consider other uses to choose the model that is right for you. Under normal circumstances, the height is below 160mm, choose 12-16 inch models; 170mm or more choose 18 inches or more; any model between 160-170mm can be.


Any model with a weight below 70 kg can be used, but those who weigh more than 70 kg should try not to choose 12 or 14 inch models. Usually one-way distance for riding, one-way riding distance within 5 km, any model can be; but more than 5 km is not suitable for single-speed vehicles; more than 10 km, try to choose a transmission, fast speed models.


On the floor where the residence or unit is located, if you need to climb the building to climb more than 4 floors every day, or if you need to take the bus to take public transportation, try to choose a lightweight folding electric bicycle with a weight of 16 inches or less. If you like the speed of cycling, if you like the speed of 15km/h or more, it is recommended to buy a speed of 16 inches or more, with a variable speed model, a slow ride of about 10km / h, more than enough for a single-speed model.

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