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The Inspection Before Riding Electric Bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 12, 2017

Before riding electric bike, we should inspect following matters whether they are meet usage requirements such as tire pressure, handlebar steering flexibility, front and rear wheel rotation flexibility, circuit, battery power, motor operating conditions and lights, speakers, fasteners and so on.
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(1) Electric bike tire pressure is insufficient, will increase the friction between tire and surface road which will shorten the continuation of mileage, lower the flexibility of handlebar steering and affect the comfort and safety of riding. When lack of tire pressure, you should supplemental tire pressure in time and according to the recommendation tire pressure of electric bike manual or the stipulation tire pressure of tire surface.

(2) Electric bike handlebar rotation is not flexible, there are stuck, stiff or tight point, it should be timely lubrication or adjustment. Lubrication generally use butter, calcium or lithium grease;  when you make adjustment, the first release the lock nut of fork, rotating the fork on the block, when the handlebar turn the flexibility to meet the requirements, just tight the lock nut of fork.

(3)Electric bike front and rear wheel rotation flexibility is not good, will increase the friction and power consumption, which reduce the continued mileage. Therefore, once there is problem, you should be timely make lubrication and maintenance. Lubrication generally use butter, calcium or lithium grease; if the shaft skin problem, you can replace the ball or shaft, if the motor problem, you should be to professional maintenance office to maintenance.

 (4) When check the electric circuit, turn on the power switch, check the circuit is smooth or not, the plug is solid and reliable or not , the work of safe tube is normal or not, especially the connection between battery output terminals and cable is solid and reliable or not. When you find the problem, you should be promptly solve it.

(5)Before riding electric bike, you should check the battery power, according to travel mileage to check whether the battery power is sufficient or not. If the power is not sufficient, it should be appropriate to complement the human riding, to avoid the battery under pressure work.

(6)Before riding electric bike we also have to check the working conditions of the motor. Start the motor and adjust its speed to observe and listen to the motor running, if there is abnormal phenomenon, you should be timely maintenance.

(7)Before riding electric bike, you need to check lights, speakers, etc., especially at night. Headlights should be bright, the beam should generally fall in front of the front 5-10 meters range; speaker sound should be loud without hoarse; turn light should flash normal, steering instructions normal, light flicker frequency of 75-80 times /min. The display should be normal.

(8) Before riding electric bike, you should check whether the main fasteners are fastened, such as the horizontal pipe, the riser, saddle, saddle tube, front wheel, rear wheel, central axis, lock mother, pedal and other fasteners should not be loose , If there is fasteners loose or fall off, should be fastened or replaced. The recommended force of the fastener is generally: the horizontal tube, the riser, saddle, saddle tube, front wheel, pedal for the 18N.m, the central axis and the rear wheel 30N.m.

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