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The Function of Electric Bike Light

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2017

Electric Bike Front Light

The good night light can guide cyclist go ahead, meanwhile some new products have function of bending light. That is, if there is bend road, the light can refract and cyclist know clearly about road situation and make preparation. The qualified night light is soft and irritative which is same as usual. Besides, because of night light, other cyclists or cars can notice our exist and do not worry about accident.

Electric Bike

Electric Bike Rear Light

It is composed of a small square mirror at right angles, due to the reflection of light, the car, neon, street lights and other light source light reflected to the driver, so that drivers can see the front of the bike, so as to avoid traffic accidents. The rear light is mainly used as a warning for passive lighting, and the purpose is to be seen, so the rear light must make the cyclist from the rear to the side of the various angles can be clearly seen, so it must have a certain light intensity, the more important Is a wide range of light distribution. Therefore, when buying rear light, except we need to observe the brightness behind the rear, it should also look at the left and right sides from 30 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees brightness. If from 0 degrees behind the back to 90 degrees, there are wide and uniform light, it is the safest.

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