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The elementary knowledge of the electric mountain bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

As we all know, the so-called electric mountain bike, is usually used in mountainous region cross-country and other occasions. Such vehicles can drive on the rugged mountain road. And the owner not only can fully enjoy the pleasure of the ups and downs, but also will raise a tameless sense of conquest in riding.


However, for users, in the purchase of electric mountain bike, it still needs to pay more attention. In fact, for the whole vehicle, whether it can achieve the expected comfort requirements, the frame has a great relationship. In addition, the frame also has intimate relationship with  whether the whole vehicle is light and easy to control, how much strength it can withstand and how long can it used for.


That is, for electric mountain bikes, the frame plays a very important role. The frame to the whole vehicle, is like the motherboard to the computer. At present, the frame of the manufacturers mainly includes two types, one is hard frame, the other is the full shocking proof frame.


In contrast, if the electric mountain bike is equipped with a hard frame, then the owner will save effort in riding, and the weight of the vehicle is more light. Moreover, this kind of frame has obvious advantage in the price.


And if the electric mountain bike is equipped with the full shocking proof frame, then the owner will experience a more comfortable feeling in riding. Even passing through a bumpy mountain road, there is no need to slow down to cross smoothly. However, this kind of vehicle is a little laborious when riding, which is not suitable for long distance ride.


Therefore, when we choose the electric mountain bike, we can choose it according to our own preferences and use requirements. I hope the above knowledge can help you purchase the electric mountain bike.


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