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The charging of the pedal auxiliary electric bicycle

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017

The principle of the c: The battery will be plugged into the wall and charged by AC. The more we trample, our  pedal will save the battery. However, in practice, it does not play a role in charging. However, the charging technology of the  pedal auxiliary electric bicycle  does exist.


In popular terms, it allows us to charge bicycles by stepping on them. But it doesn't make sense in the real world. This is because the electric bike battery is very good, most of the time, there is enough power for us to consume.


However, the pedal assist or Pedelec system in the pedal auxiliary electric bicycle can feel the foot pedal and automatically provide us with help. It is because of this that such bicycles are popular among experienced cyclists. Because we prefer a more natural " riding bicycle" experience.


The pedal assist of the pedal auxiliary electric bicycle is very easy for long-playing recreation facilities to use. The emergency stop on the relatively flat ground, not only can relax the body and mind, but also can enjoy driving. It is like cruise control. However, the actual application of electric bicycle throttle and pedal auxiliary will be very good.


According to experience, the ideal electric bicycle not only has the pedal auxiliary, but also has the accelerator. The specific choice of pedal auxiliary electric bicycle is determined according to specific needs.

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