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The advantages of public electric bike rental system

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 10, 2018

Public electric bicycle rental system is an urban public electric bicycle rental system, mainly in the context of low-carbon emission reduction and healthy living, the development of a city can be used for urban areas or corporate public electric bike rental control, to achieve the city's public electric bike rental management The efficient, electronic.

Public electric bicycle rental system can quickly and easily achieve the city public electric car rental service site management, vehicle management, user management, vehicle rental management and return of vehicle management and other operations, so that all well-organized management for the city's public electric bike to create a healthy development condition.

Urban public electric bicycle design emphasizes anti-theft, simple, light, easy to store, easy to maintain, strong and economical. Everyone using a public electric bike to apply for a magnetic card, identification card and other personal identification records, the car should be used in the public bike rack with a dedicated computer credit card, who do not return the car, the computer will Read it out, which will greatly reduce the bicycle theft rate. Even stolen, will also cause stolen goods stolen the difficulties.

The concept of public electric bicycle rental system is to achieve bus integration, reduce the pressure of urban public transport, to a certain extent, improve the transport of its cities, in the process of public transport integration, the EV sharing is a very important part. By bus, bicycle, walk composed of environmentally friendly energy-saving travel mode, reducing the use of private cars, which is the future direction of urban transport development.

The best and best place to use public electric bicycle rental system is veritable green transportation. It can reduce energy use, effectively promote energy conservation and emission reduction and improve the urban environment.

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