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The advantages and features of the stylish 20 inch electric folding bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 29, 2017

Fashionable 20 inch electric folding bike, as its positioning, in fact, that is, will be stylish and dynamic design and relatively superior quality performance, by the majority of users. And the target consumers for the stylish 20-foot electric folding bicycle are more successful people in urban white-collar workers and those who need it for leisure and fitness.


Fashionable 20 inch electric folding bike is used in Germany electrostatic baking process, the appearance of more stylish, followed by itself is that it will have a beautiful and upscale features. In its own right is to use aluminum alloy frame, compact and lightweight, vehicle weight is only 17.2kg.


Fashionable 20 inch electric folding bike can be folded, folding the size is 70 * 40 * 61cm, in terms of this, it is to a large extent it would be more convenient to put into the car Trunk or be careful to bring them into the elevator and the subway which uses a Chaoyang brand 14-inch integrated wheel, with a durable features.


Stylish 20-foot electric folding bike is used in the rear-wheel drive 250W brushless brushless motor, this time is to experience the power of the feeling. Speaking of its rear battery, 48V10AH, in terms of this is also able to charge more than 500 times. Then, with its built-in booster, riding is easy with no electricity at all. In the case of pure electric riding that is able to travel more than 45km, in the case of assisted driving that is able to travel 50km or more.


Stylish 20-foot electric folding bicycle applications, for the cool generation like it to a large extent it is to prepare the relevant intelligent system. And stylish 20-foot electric folding bike itself is GPS positioning, this time, we actually do not have to worry about losing their cars will not find. And its use of Bluetooth speakers and car stand, which is able to leisurely listening to music, call.

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