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Selecting Electric Bicycle as Gifts

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 04, 2017

From iPads to flat screens, electronics are gifts people often buy for themselves. Electric bicycle are also becoming popular gifts that consumers buy for themselves and others.
When it comes to affordable, fun and healthy transportation, it is hard to beat electric bicycle.
Here are five tips consumers need to know when shopping for an electric bicycle:
1. Height: Shorter riders should consider folding bikes or bikes with 24" wheels. Taller riders will want 26" wheels or larger, with a full size frame.
2. Use: Recreation, errands, riding on campus, exercise, commuting, as well as terrain (steep hills or flat), need to be considered. This helps determine speed and distance requirements.
3. Type: Riders who want to pedal should select lighter electric bicycle with a 250-350 watt motor and pedal-assist. Riders looking for a moped experience or who have hills to climb, should select a more powerful bike with a 500 to 750 watt motor and a throttle.
4. Style: Electric bicycle come in many styles; step-thru, classic, folding, commuter, cruiser, and mountain to name a few.
5. Price:  the price depends on the configuration.


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