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Purchase tips for the electric folding bike-Size chapter

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Someone who wants to buy an electric folding bike does not have a very deep understanding of the folding bike, but must have a basic understanding of the size so that the most suitable electric folding bike can be selected.


Why do you say that? In fact, many friends have spent a lot of money  buying a beautiful electric folding bike, but while riding, it still feels very uncomfortable. In fact, this is not only because of the quality of the bike, but also because we chosen bike is not suitable.


In short, it is because when choosing, ignore the size of the electric folding bike is ignored, so it will feel uncomfortable when riding. In fact, the bike is like we clothes, only the size is right, then we will be more comfortable when wearing on the body. Similarly, if the selected bike size is not appropriate, it will not only affect the experience, but may also bring some other problems.


So, what are the size specifications of the electric folding bikes sold in the current market? When shopping, how to choose? At present, the most common size specifications are between 12 and 26 inches.When  purchasing, we should first consider the height.


Of course, it should also be considered in combination with usage habits and use purpose. For example, some small size electric folding bikes are more convenient when they are carried, but their wheel diameter is relatively small, whose road requirements are higher.


In comparison, the frame of the 20-inch electric folding bike has a high strength, and can also be used for a long time. And it can be used for a daily commuting, hiking, and so on. It is recommended that you can experience it when purchasing, so that it is more beneficial to the vehicle size.

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