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Power-assisted mountain bike installation advantages and driving methods

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike is an easy-to-use and light bicycle that can effectively compensate for the bicycle uphill, windward and load-bearing personal transportation when it is in use. The electric bicycle is based on a traditional bicycle , Equipped with a torque sensor as the core of the power system, equipped with a motor and battery. The biggest difference with the electric bike (eMule) is that it does not adjust the power by turning the handlebar. Instead, it uses the torque sensor to sense the strength of the rider riding on the pedal, judging according to the size of the manpower and then understanding the riding intention of the rider , Provide the corresponding power support.

Electric Bicycle Mountain biking requires a combination of manpower and electric power to drive during riding, so there is no difference between riding a bike and riding a bicycle. The right power to provide the perfect power solve the problem of bicycle effort, but also because of the composition of manpower, it is equipped with a small battery under the conditions beyond the general electric bicycle life cycle, are generally 50-100 km, Endurance lasting.

Torque sensor is the core of electric assistive mountain bike, because it is mounted on the outside of the five-way or directly on the central axis, so the torque sensor to measure the middle of the trampling force is very small. And the foot, crank, the axis are mostly rigid steel and metal components, the elastic hysteresis effect is small, the resulting torque signal can be very quickly with the size of the pedal force changes. The most direct result of this is the use of bilateral torque sensor electric booster car's dynamic response is very fast, most of the reaction time is millisecond level, almost zero delay, with the follow-up power.

If the torque sensor is mounted on the outside of the 5-way, a standard modular design is used, virtually all bicycles can be installed seamlessly, without the need to develop a dedicated frame for them, not even every frame The above-mentioned "rear axle pawl sensor" that do high-precision processing, both from research and development and production costs.

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