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Power Assisted Bicycle CE certification-EN15194 for EU Market

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

On April 30, 2009 the EN15194 standard for Electronically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC) was officially announced by the National Standards Boards (NSBs) of 30 countries (27 EU member states and Iceland, Norway and Switzerland of the European Free Trade Association).

EN15194 certified manufacturer of significance for China
-According to regulations, starting from July 2009, with the scope of the standard power assisted bicycle must be certified by EN15194 product can be sold in the EU market, -EN15194 standard for the international power assisted bicycle for the first comprehensive safety standards, the product can be proved by the EN15194 test products meet world-class level and on the enterprise market has a positive role in promoting.
Electric bicycle(EPAC) issued safety standards EN15194:2009
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EN15194 power assisted bicycle includes the following requirements:
Cables and lines
Power Management
Electromagnetic Compatibility
The maximum speed of the power to help move
Maximum power measurement
It also includes identification and labeling recommendations and instructions
The standard range of products covered by the maximum continuous rated power of 0.25kW of power assisted bicycle, and in the process of moving the output power will be gradually reduced until the speed reaches 25km/h or rider to stop riding a car the final cut.
The regulations cover the characteristics of power assisted bicycle
With foot function
DC battery voltage does not exceed the maximum 48VDC
Maximum continuous rated power does not exceed 0.25kw
Reached 25km/h speed, the output of power assisted bicycle required decreases and eventually end.

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