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Portable mini folding electric bike product description

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 02, 2018

First of all, this is a portable mini folding electric bicycle made of all-aluminum alloy frame, so the overall weight is light, compact and foldable. It is both flexible and convenient and is an ideal vehicle for commuting. At the time of charging, it takes approximately 4 to 8 hours to charge the portable mini folding electric bicycle at one time, and the mileage is 40 kilometers under the standard condition.


And in the market, portable mini folding electric bike model and rich colors, the user can choose according to their own preferences. Due to its small size, the car has a good energy-saving effect. Under normal circumstances, a charge of electricity, 0.3 degrees power consumption, about 0.20 yuan, 30 kilometers can be more than continuous travel, calculated by the load of 100 kg.


More importantly, portable mini folding electric bike is very safe and reliable. For example, when powered by electricity, its speed is limited to 25 km / h. When parking and walking, even if the speed control knob is rotated, the electric control system will not power on the motor. When the battery is fully charged, the electronic control system automatically cut off the charge current to prevent the battery from overcharging.


In the process of riding portable mini folding electric bicycles, in order to ensure safety, you also need to pay attention to check before traveling, attention is to check the power is sufficient, the tire pressure is normal; before and after the brake is reliable brake; bell is normal: Front and rear wheels, handlebars, saddle tube fasteners and so on. And in the power switch to ON, the battery indicator light, said the power connected.


After the portable mini-folding electric bicycle is started, it is recommended that it should be slowly accelerated. Do not add it to the maximum speed at a moment to avoid damaging the electric components. Driving should avoid tightening the portable mini-folding electric bicycle speed control handle after the brake, so as not to re-connect the motor overload damage. In the absolute safety of the premise, driving to minimize frequent braking, to save energy.

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