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Portable electric folding bike in the cooperation between the various parts

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

Currently on the market there are many types of electric bicycle, compared to carry more convenient should be a number of portable electric folding bike, it is not only fast folding, but also folded more complete, by the user's favorite. But the portable electric folding bike is how to do this?
The entire vehicle includes a front ramp, a diagonal tube, a rear ramp, a locking member, a V-shaped folding handle, a saddle, a front wheel, a rear wheel, a drive mechanism And electric drive systems and other components.
Wherein the oblique tube of the portable folding electric bike is composed of a front pipe, a rear tube and a rear fork, and the rear recliner is composed of a rear inclined tube, a five-way pipe, a revolver fork, a right fork, Contiguous and seat parts. After all these parts are assembled together in a specific way, they can be flexibly folded.
The front and rear right and the right front wheel are connected with the saddle, and the left and right fenders are mounted on the front wheels; the left and right contiguous pieces are connected with the front ramp tube, and the locking parts are arranged In the seat tube and front ramp tube, V-shaped folding handle to connect the front tube; at the same time do not forget the manpower drive mechanism and the five-way tube and the front wheel connected, and the important electric drive system set in the rear tube, Fork and rear wheels for use as a power source for portable electric folding bicycles.
As a result of the use of the front inclined tube seamless tube tilt, and with the left contiguous and right contiguous perforation perforation, making portable electric folding bike front ramp, diagonal tube and rear ramp for X-shaped expansion Scissors folding. And, whether it is unfolded or folded are very easy, fast.

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