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Pedal Assistant Electric Bicycle

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2017

Compared with the conventional type of electric bicycles, pedal assistant electric bicycle also on the shape of the structure of the design changes, with the pedal auxiliary, the electric bike when there is help. But its core device or controller, this part of the pedal assistant electric bicycle played a role?
In pedal assistant electric bicycle, the controller is used to control the motor start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic devices of electric vehicles, is an important part of the entire vehicle. If the controller is classified according to the control mode, there are four types of full-motion, intelligent, double-control and non-zero start, and the function of the control system includes stepless speed regulation, brake power protection, And overcurrent protection.
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On the one hand, the controller can drive the pedal to assist the rotation of the electric bicycle motor; on the other hand, it can change the motor drive current under the control of the turner to realize the adjustment of the motor speed; or cut off the output current under the control of the brake, To achieve brake control.
In addition, the controller can also test the battery voltage of the pedal assist electric bike. When the voltage stored in the battery is close to the discharge termination voltage, the controller panel can display the power shortage to remind the user to adjust their own stroke.
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When the termination voltage is reached, the signal is sent to the comparator through the sampling resistor, and the protection signal is outputted by the circuit so that the protection circuit issues a command according to a preset procedure to cut off the current to protect the pedal from the charger and the battery of the electric bicycle.
Of course, the controller can also be in the pedal assist electric bike when the current is too large to protect the circuit action, so that the motor stops, to avoid overcurrent to the motor and the controller harm. In addition, part of the controller also has anti-speed protection, patrol speed limit and other functions.

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