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Operation route and use advantage of full suspension city electric bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 28, 2018

The track of the fully-suspended city electric bicycle is relatively flat. When it is used, there will be no uphill and downhill roads. Of course, there may be corners and branch lines. However, it is difficult for the suspension bicycle to automatically change the line. It is necessary to change the driving route and need to change at the station. Transfer. The operation mode of the suspension bicycle is not the same as that of the road bicycle. Instead, it uses the subway operation mode. Each passenger goes to the nearest station to go to the coin-operated or swipe card to use the suspension bicycle, and then ride at the rated speed.


The density of bicycles on the full suspension city electric bike track is also very large, and it can be used every 10 seconds. Due to the manpower riding, the mode of the suspension bicycle entering and leaving the station is also different from that of the cable car. The cable car is going to the heights and the exit is to the lower part. After the suspension bicycle enters the station, the rails are slightly moved down, so that the passengers can quickly accelerate to the rated speed with the downward slope, so as not to affect the passengers behind.


When the full-suspended city electric bicycle is out of the station, its rails are slightly up, so that passengers can slow down and get off. The inbound track is divided into a straight track and a pit stop. If you don't need to stop at the stop, you can continue without going down the straight track. If the suspension bike arrives at the station and no new passengers enter, the staff will push the idle bicycle to the parking ramp next to it.

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