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Mountain bike history

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 21, 2016
Source: Mountain bike history

Mountain bikes are designed for off-road (hills, trails, fields and Sandy gravel road) walk bikes which are designed in 1977, was born in the United States in San Francisco on the West Coast. At that time, a group of keen on riding Beach bike for young people to have fun on the slopes, the impulse: "If you can ride a bike hurtling down from the mountain, it'll be fun. "So begins cross-country bike design, officially named the mountain bike is something in two years. Since then, the "downhill sport" as a new sporting project and reveal its head and feet, athletes ride a mountain bike along the high-speed downhill downhill under line, fast is the winner, has attracted many fans. Bike started in Europe, but Americans invented mountain bikes are sweeping away traditional concepts of bike will be a breath of fresh air blowing through the world. Now more and more Chinese young people, becoming a healthy fashion movement popular.

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