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Mountain bike features

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 21, 2016
Source: Mountain bike features

Mountain bike features: wide tires, straight, before and after the earthquake, riding more comfortable. Wide and multi-tooth tire provides grip and shock absorbers to absorb shock. Shock absorption applications become the norm in recent years ago, before and after the shock of vehicles become more and more popular. Some mountain bikes are using Vice, but angle of the cross has become the fashion. DH cars above 800mm on the cross already is common.

Mountain bikes, with stiffness, flexible features such as walking, riding does not have to choose the road, roaming streets or leisure travel has been widely praised, riders on all kinds of roads on the environment to enjoy the comfort of riding pleasure.

Mountain bike, due to its sturdy, rugged, innovative shape, fun and eye-catching colors, superior ride performance, soon become a city youth pursuing fashion .

Mountain bikes, all parts are different from ordinary bicycles, buffer, seismic performance, good tires, solid and substantial, material stiffness of the frame, hand fatigue and even on steep slopes can freely ride transmission, are more suited to climbing mountain bike cross-country, hiking trips.

Mountain bike, speed limits are generally 11-speed, 18-speed, 20 speed, 21-speed, 24-speed, 27 speed and 30 speed. Correct use of the transmissions, can deal with Ping Lu, up and down slopes, dirt road, opposite the complex road conditions and climate, far more than ordinary bikes fast effort.

Long distance riding, conversion speed-regulator in due course, mountain bike skills into full play. In General, the feet should be mildly effective, if a little "empty", you should immediately change speed; on the contrary, if some difficulty, it should be replaced in a timely manner than at low speed. If it is a little repair, ride mountain bike feel like a King, in the era of automobiles as the main means of transportation, ride mountain bikes to embrace nature, relax, exercise, become the new favorite casual。

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