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Lubrication and riding requirements for european design electric bicycle

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2019

european design electric bicycle should check the tightness of the chain before the action. The chain is too tight when riding the pedals. If it is too loose, it will easily vibrate and rub other parts. The sag of the chain is suitable for 1-2mm, and it is generally suitable to be adjusted when riding without the ankle. When the chain is adjusted, first loosen the rear wheel nut, and then rotate the left and right chain adjustment screws evenly to adjust the chain tightness and retighten the rear wheel nut.

European-style electric bicycles should be checked for lubrication of the chain before use. The hand feeling and the chain axis of the chain are flexible, and the chain rust is serious. If the corrosion or rotation is not flexible, you should add a proper amount of lubricant, and the chain should be replaced seriously.

european design electric bicycle should check the tire pressure, handlebar steering flexibility, front and rear wheel rotation flexibility, circuit, battery power, motor working conditions, and whether lighting, horns, fasteners, etc. meet the requirements before riding. This will shorten the mileage of the continuation; it will also reduce the flexibility of the handlebars and affect the comfort and safety of the ride. When the air pressure is insufficient, the air pressure should be replenished in time. The tire air pressure should be in accordance with the recommended air pressure in the "Electric Bicycle Instruction Manual" or the specified air pressure on the surface of the tire.

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