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Lithium Battery Electric Bike Shows A Clear Advantage

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 21, 2017

Since it is known as the lithium battery electric bike, it shows that the electric bike is used as a secondary battery lithium battery, which is it and other electric bike distinction between the key. As the lithium battery size and weight than the traditional lead-acid battery much smaller, much lighter, so lithium battery electric bike will be very light.

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Although the price of lithium battery electric bike than the traditional electric bike higher than some, but because of light, long mileage and other characteristics, lithium battery electric bike once launched by the consumer's favor. At present, lithium battery electric bike sales have been showing an upward trend.


Lithium battery electric bike power performance and lead-acid battery electric bike almost, the general charge 6-8 hours will be, according to the battery capacity can run 30-45 km, but the weight is only lead-acid battery 1/5 or so. Practice has proved that this lithium battery electric bike is the obvious advantage of long life, a group of batteries available 4-5 years, compared to lead acid battery extended a lot.


Since all walks of life in the community in the pursuit of energy saving and environmental protection, electric bike industry is no exception, so with the progress of technology, lithium battery electric bike is expected to replace today's lead-acid battery electric bike. Experience from other developed countries, lithium battery is the future direction of the development of electric bicycles.


The traditional lead-acid battery defects is that the waste may cause pollution to the environment, but the lithium battery is a very good solution to this goal, not only light, environmentally friendly, waste will not produce environmental pollution, which is lithium battery electric bike by The reason for the welcome. I believe that with the application of mature technology, market sales increase, lithium battery electric bike prices will be down, it is bound to become more and more popular.

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