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Lithium Battery Electric Bike Application Technology and Future Development Requirement

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

Lithium battery electric bike in the course of the work mainly refers to the lithium battery as a supplementary energy electric bicycle, the effective installation of the motor, controller, battery, handle and other operating parts and display instrumentation system of mechanical and electrical integration Personal transport.
Lithium battery electric bike in the torque sensor technology and integrated circuit controller technology has been living in the world's leading position in the market, some powerful enterprises have integrated electronic and digital technology applications in the controller, motor valve control and charge control, etc. Parts on.
China's nickel-metal hydride battery application technology has gradually matured, lithium battery security problems once resolved, can also be popular. Lithium battery electric bike technology leading electric bicycle manufacturers to increase the research on new energy, reduce the cost of new batteries, electric bicycles to a stronger "source of life."
Lithium battery electric bike manufacturers need to strengthen the charging technology research, to a certain extent, greatly improve its charging efficiency, effectively extend its battery life, Chinese enterprises will be conventional charging to variable amplitude pulse and digital control technology, Effectively control the battery in the process of charging water loss, to ensure the balance of the charge, improve the battery life.
Lithium battery electric bike in the process of production will be effective in its high-tech content of composite materials and high-strength light alloy materials will be more used in the manufacture of electric vehicles in the successful application of its aluminum alloy materials at the same time, Using titanium alloy, chrome molybdenum steel and other lightweight, high-strength materials and carbon fiber and other polymer composite materials. Increase the strength of electric bicycles, reduce the weight of electric bicycles. So that the performance of the bike and the manufacturing process of a revolutionary change.

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