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Lithium battery electric bicycle purchase requirements

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2018

Lithium battery electric bicycle charger is to recharge the battery power device, under normal circumstances can be divided into two stages of charge mode and three stage mode two. Two-stage charging mode: constant voltage charging, the charging current decreases with the rise of the battery voltage, the battery voltage to a certain extent, the battery voltage will rise to the charger's set value, this time converted to trickle charge. Three-stage charging mode: charging starts, the first constant current charging, quickly to the battery replenishment of energy; waiting for the battery voltage rose to constant voltage charging, the battery energy slowly added, the battery voltage continues to rise; to the charger charge termination voltage Value, to trickle charge to maintain the battery and battery self-discharge current.

Lithium battery Electric bicycle battery in the main function of its use is to effectively provide the energy of its electric vehicle energy, the entire vehicle in the production process is the use of its latest type of lithium-ion battery. Controller main control board for the electric car main circuit, with a larger operating current, will issue more heat. Therefore, electric cars do not park in the sun exposure, do not prolonged rain, in order to avoid controller failure.

Lithium battery electric bicycle purchase requirements

1 below the average wholesale price of the battery firmly not buy.

2 did not have more than 2 years of market test products.

3. There is no electric car manufacturers with the car firmly not buy the battery.

4. High-priced battery, if not produced by Dachang, firmly not buy.

5. Change the national standard size of the battery firmly not buy.

6.5A discharge, 30 seconds when the voltage is higher than 12.68V of the firm do not buy, 90% of the short-lived battery.

Lithium battery electric bicycle controller, when used mainly to control the motor speed components, but also the core of the electrical system equipment, intelligent controller also has a variety of riding modes and the entire vehicle electrical components self-test function. Controller is the core component of electric vehicle energy management and various control signal processing.

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