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LED 3D shows charging requirements and protection devices for electric mountain bikes

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2019

LED 3D shows that the electric mountain bike needs to check the circuit plugging point of its electric bicycle frequently during operation, so as to prevent the contact point from being fired, heat, avoiding aging, wear and causing short circuit and series electric accident. . In the normal use of electric vehicles, if you have a fault, you should choose a professional maintenance organization or personnel. Do not disassemble the electrical protection device to ensure that the electrical circuit and protection device are in good condition.

LED 3D shows that electric mountain bike batteries will run out of flammable gas when charging, so the charging must not be in a narrow, sealed environment, should be carried out outdoors, or the battery can be removed and charged separately. When charging, choose the appropriate line, the line laying should be fixed and installed, and short circuit and leakage protection devices should be installed.

LED 3D shows that electric mountain bikes need to be kept away from flammable materials when charging, can not charge for too long, charging time is too long, the charger overheating is easy to cause fire, charging should be charged according to the instructions, charging time In principle, it must not exceed 10 hours. When charging, the charger should be placed in a place where it is easy to dissipate heat; if the battery quality of the electric bicycle is inferior or used for a long time, the temperature of the charger is easily high, causing a fire, so the charging cannot be taken lightly during the nighttime sleep time.

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