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Knowledge of Fire Protection in Mountain electric bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

In the daily use of mountain electric bike, the user must do a good job of protection, one point is to strengthen the fire measures. First of all, you should regularly check the car's circuit plug-in point to prevent contact with the contact caused by ignition and other problems such as fever; but also can effectively prevent the aging of the line or wear and tear caused by short-circuit, occur.

Second, in the use of the vehicle if the discovery of abnormal problems, it must be promptly sent to a professional maintenance site for repair. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle the electrical protection device in order to avoid affecting the electrical wiring of the vehicle. The third point, because the Mountain electric bike battery in the charging process will escape part of the flammable gas, so when charging, be sure to ensure that the surrounding ventilation is good, and preferably in the outdoor charge.

Or the battery is removed and charged separately. It should be noted that, in the charging time, be sure to select the appropriate line, the line laying should be fixed installation, but also with the appropriate short circuit protection device and leakage protection device. But also in the Mountain electric bike during charging must be separated from flammable items.

In addition, in order to prevent the phenomenon of overheating, so when charging, must be reasonable to grasp the charging time, but also pay attention to the mountain electric bike placed in a place easier to heat. This is because if the battery quality is poor, then the use of the process for a long time is likely to cause high temperature phenomenon, causing a fire and other dangerous accidents.

In short, as a user, we must pay attention to this problem. Remember, you should also choose Mountain electric bike charger and motor model specifications matching the battery.

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