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Internal structure design of hidden battery electric bikes

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Electric bicycle refers to the use of battery as an auxiliary energy on the basis of ordinary bicycles, and the installation of motor, controller, battery, steering handle and other control components and display instrumentation system of mechatronics personal transport. At present, the existing electric bicycle has a connecting wire between the battery and the controller, which is usually exposed outside the frame, and has a high failure rate. In order to solve this problem, a hidden battery electric bikes was introduced.


The hidden battery electric bikes includes a frame with a middle tube, a controller, a controller box fixed on the outer wall of the middle tube, a saddle tube and a battery assembly, and the controller is disposed in the controller box; the battery assembly is installed inside the saddle tube The saddle tube is inserted in the middle tube of the frame, and the outer wall of the saddle tube is provided with a through hole at a portion of the controller box on the centering tube, and the output port of the battery assembly is connected to the battery socket through the internal wire. The connecting wires are arranged in the saddle tube.


Such a hidden battery electric bikes allows the battery socket and the plug to be hidden in the controller box, and the external wires are all located in the controller box, and no exposed connecting lines are seen during normal riding or parking, and the protection level is high. Simple and coordinated.

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