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Inspections required to purchase small city electric bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2019

In the current traffic congestion, small city electric bike bring more convenience for everyone's travel, but in order to safely use small city electric bike, we must pay attention to its quality when purchasing, so we need to observe carefully. And check.


In the purchase of small city electric bike, it is necessary to first check the overall appearance, including the paint of electric vehicles and the surface, trademarks, decals, etc. of the electroplated parts, to ensure that they are intact, and secondly, to check the paint parts of the micro electric vehicles, Whether the surface quality of electroplated parts, plastic parts and aluminum alloy parts is satisfactory.


small city electric bike are assembled from a variety of different parts, and the quality of the assembly will affect the performance and safety of the electric vehicle. Make sure that all the screws are in place and there is no looseness. In addition, the wheels and chains must be freely movable, the rims should be round and the round runout is small, the motor runs smoothly, and the shifting and braking effects are good.


In order to purchase high-quality small city electric bike, it is also necessary to check its accessories, including electric door locks, battery locks, chargers, etc. In addition, check the supporting certificates, instructions and warranty cards are complete. Ensure that these accessory accessories for small city electric bikes are not missing.

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