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How To Use The Road Electric Bicycles Correctly

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2017

Compared to cars, motorcycles, etc., the road electric bicycles is a very typical green transport, it can be driven by electric or pedal, or both. As a non-motor vehicle road electric bicycles also has the relevant driving requirements.
National standards, road electric bicycles can not exceed 20 kilometers per hour, which is to ensure that consumers are safe, too fast is not conducive to safe driving; its load does not allow more than 75kg, and in principle can not bring people, or its safety And continued mileage will be affected.
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Road electric bicycles are mainly driven by the power as a kinetic energy, so to charge the battery to maintain the full state of the battery, the conditions of the user to do with the charge with the charge, because the loss of capacity to make the battery capacity to reduce the impact of the battery life.
Taking into account the large current discharge is to shorten the road electric bicycle battery life of the main factors, so to prevent high current discharge is to extend the battery life of the main means, in other words, the use of road electric bicycles must be more help, especially in the start, Climbing time, to pedal power.
In order to ensure the safety of travel and the life of the vehicle, we must always check the road electric bicycle brake system is flexible and effective, handlebar steering is reliable, check whether the wheels round, the tire is enough, the fasteners are tightened, Whether the socket is loose, the battery box is locked, the speaker light bulb button is valid and so on.
In addition, we must avoid the electric road bicycles directly sun and rain, to prevent the body and mechanical transmission parts of the corrosion, rainy season or after the use of water, water level as far as possible not to be higher than the hub axis center line to prevent the motor and controller water cause damage.

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