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How to select good electric folding bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 18, 2017

Compared electric folding bike with other electric bikes, it can be folded. Because of this, there is high design requirement for electric folding bike.
Firstly, as folding part can be folded, the related part need strong and secure performance. The frame need to make a special design and need to be stronger than normal electric bikes.It also need professional suppliers to design and produce to ensure your safety.
Secondly, electric folding bike can be folded easy and reliable and folding as small as possible.At the same time, when opened, it has enough assurance of safety, and doesn’t affect riding safety and comfortable.
Thirdly, it is durability and complete technology of electric folding bike. After folding the bikes, whether front fork, frame and rear fork can be rub each other or not.If doesn’t consider this, bikes will be wear easily.Meanwhile, you can check whether weld technology is careful or not, whether painting is homogeneous or not.Because some bikes’ painting is easy peel off in short time.
Then according to your purpose, you can choose suitable electric folding bike.
As rim sizes, the main sizes of electric folding bike are 16 inch and 20 inch.Of course, if you have special demand, it also have 26 inch and 700C. Generally speaking, after folding 16 inch bikes, the volumes become smaller and it is good for transportation and suitable to short distance riding. If you want long distance riding, you need to consider 20 inch folding bikes.Not only 20 inch folding bike is more comfortable than 16 inch, but also the frame is stronger and longer lifetime.Of course, you’d better choose the folding bike with derailleur for long distance riding.
As frame material, it has alloy and steel, and also there are seldom magnesium alloy. Whats less, few high-grade use carbon fiber material. If you often take bikes upstairs and downstairs, you’d better choose alloy material. Most 16 inch folding bike is about 10 kgs and 20 inch no more than 12.5kgs.Not only light weight, but also longer lifetime and no need to worry about rust. Then the strength of frame also should not be neglected.In order to reduce weight, some suppliers lower thickness of frame material which is hard to ensure the strength of frame. So you need to try folding bike whether strong or not and human mechanical design is reasonable or not. A good design can ensure the gesture extend and not be tired for long distance riding.
Because small wheel structure. When you choose the size is smaller than 18 inch,we suggest you purchase the electric folding bike with suspension which can improve comfort. When you test function of suspension, you need to check resilience force, block and details.
Finally, it is about price. You know that the price for a good product cannot be low, folding bike too. High price products have better materials, components and design. You also know some drawback of low price such as heavy riding resistance, problem parts,  short lifetime and so on. While high-grade folding bike doesn’t bring such problems and embarrasses. If you determine to buy folding bike, you absolutely have reason to buy good and high performance to meet you demand.

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