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How to make the electric bicycle run further?

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

The appearance of the electric bicycle makes a more convenient and convenient choice for people's daily trip. With the popularity of electric bicycles, such vehicles even occupy a large proportion in the city. However, in the riding process, a part of the user may also encounter some more embarrassing things.


For example, when we are in the riding,we suddenly encounter the problem of inadequate power of the vehicle.

Encountering such a situation, not only will delay time, but also be very troublesome. Here we are aiming at this problem to share some of the more remote skills that can make the electric bicycle run further.


As you should know, in fact, when analyzing the maximum endurance mileage of electric bicycles, one of the components that is closely related to it is the battery. Therefore, we must pay attention when we choose the battery. Typically, the maximum endurance mileage that can  reach from 20km to 50km after the battery is full of electricity.


Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing electric bicycles, it should be clear that if it is used for commuting, then you can choose the maximum endurance mileage equal to 1.5 times of driving distance the total commute distance. Another problem that needs to be noted is the using habits.


This is because the driving speed used and the maximum endurance mileage of electric bicycles are associated. If time is not particularly urgent, it is best not to add the vehicle to the maximum speed. This is because the power consumption will increase significantly when the vehicle reaches its maximum speed.


Therefore, when it is found that the electric bicycle doesn’t have too much electricity, the lower speed should be selected, so that the distance can be extended properly. At the same time, such a riding style for the battery is also an effective way of protection.


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