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How to maintain a good city electric bike battery?

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 02, 2017

Often, the actual life expectancy of a certified electric bicycle battery is usually determined by a large number of users, depending on the user's use and maintenance. In other words, if we can do a reasonable maintenance, then to a certain extent, to extend the city electric bike battery life.


So, how can we achieve this purpose? First, we should ensure that the electric bike charger used and the battery specifications match. In fact, there are many city electric bicycles in the battery is due to improper charging caused by damage. This also reflects the importance of matching the charger and the battery directly from the side. There are two cases, one is due to the charger itself and the battery manufacturers to provide the parameters do not match.


Another situation is due to the use of the charger itself is relatively poor quality, so in the early use of the time to basically meet the requirements, but the gradual emergence of the late aging and other abnormal problems, resulting in urban electric bicycle battery damage. Secondly, we should develop a good habit of charging on time. In fact, there are some consumers for the battery charging there is a certain misunderstanding.


For example, some users believe that when a friend for the battery more than a charge, then it means that its life will be reduced once. In fact, the actual situation is not the case, so the conditions permit, we should promptly for the city electric bicycle battery to recharge.


It should be noted that if the city electric bicycle lights show that the vehicle is undervoltage conditions, then it should stop using. Otherwise, the battery will cause a significant negative impact, may cause the battery short circuit, which seriously shorten its life.

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