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How to choose a suitable European design electric bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 03, 2018

European-style design of electric bicycles in the process of buying the need to pay attention to more factors, mainly because of the European market on the design of electric bicycles brand more and hundreds of models. How to pick a desirable electric bike from an array of electric vehicles?

See the demand

Now on the market a wide range of European-style electric bicycles, consumers should choose according to the actual situation. For example, elderly people with older age, it is recommended to choose a large size tires, wide-gauge electric cars, wide-gauge electric car body more stable. For another example, a 36-volt battery is sufficient for consumers who only commute to and from work each day on short trips, and not suitable for those who need to go out frequently or ride a long distance. Under normal circumstances, 48-volt battery to meet the normal use of most people.

See performance

European-style electric bicycles market highly competitive, in addition to the price war, to add features to electric vehicles, has also become the approach taken by many businesses. Some electric car shops, for example, have introduced explosion-proof electric vehicles that can ride even when their tires are punctured.

At the same time, many businesses are also on the anti-theft to start an article, such as some manufacturers of electric vehicles also introduced a keyless start function, greatly enhance the anti-theft capability. Some businesses have introduced ultra-long-distance electric bikes, a charge, you can ride seventy to eighty kilometers. Before buying electric vehicles, consumers can learn from each other and buy electric vehicles that best suit their needs.

Look at the service

European-style design of electric bicycles due to the high rate of use, the probability of failure is relatively high, a good after-sales service is particularly important for the owners. Consumption in the purchase of electric vehicles, businesses should implement the after-sales service content.

Carefully test the car

First of all, check the appearance, look paint, plating surface is intact, and secondly, according to the actual operation of the manual again, check the working status of the vehicle. Start without impact, the wheels turn flexible, no heavy sense of delay, the wheels turn soft, no abnormal sound, brakes moderately braked, reliable braking. Can be in the case of power outage on the empty step on the vehicle, if you feel relaxed, the vehicle forward smooth, indicating the vehicle's driving performance. Finally, check the accompanying vehicle accessories, chargers, certificate, manual and warranty card is complete.

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