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How to charge the fat tire electric bike for the first time

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 04, 2019

Newly bought fat tires and electric bicycles have charging precautions. Before the first charge, the electric vehicles need to run out of electricity, but they cannot be used up. The new battery will not be too full, but it will not be too small, unless it is an old battery or a poor battery. When you use it, you should estimate the distance that you can run according to the estimation of the merchant, so as to avoid any electricity or electricity.


For the first time, you should choose to charge during the day, and it is easy to control the charging time. It will not cause the battery to overcharge and discharge for the first time, which makes it easier for the first chemical reaction in the battery to be normal. Because the battery car battery has not been used at the factory, it has not experienced charging and discharging, to ensure the normal operation of the battery. Under normal circumstances, the charging time is about 5-6 hours, so that the battery can be fully charged, and the subsequent application can be charged a little longer.


After the first charge of the fat tire electric bike, although it is not the first charge, but the second time is also the new car charge, this time you can let the battery car run out of power, and then a long time charge, this charge can be Maintain 8-9 or even 10 hours in order to allow the battery car to react in a complete cycle.


When the fat tire electric bike is charged for the first time, the charger may generate heat quickly and the heat is very high. Therefore, especially in the summer charging, the charger should not be placed on an object that is easy to heat and burn, and it is best not to put it on. On the seat of the battery car.

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