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Hidden battery electric folding bike with related performance

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 27, 2017

First of all, we actually have to pay attention to hide the biggest advantage of battery electric folding bike is also because it will be relatively light, the weight will be below 20KG, it will be more convenient to carry and Individual hidden battery electric folding bicycle models can be easily folded. In addition, because this electric car lithium battery will be more durable than the average lead-acid batteries, Warranty is also in two years time.


Next, we actually have to pay attention to hide the battery electric bicycle battery charge after a battery life, in terms of electric bike mileage, which is determined by the lead-acid battery used, on the general 24V12Ah battery Life mileage that will be in 25km ~ 30km, to meet the daily needs of users within 20km away from get off work.


Also, users of more than 20km should also be careful about choosing the 36V12Ah battery pack. To say the following, for the maximum speed of less than 20km when traveling completely on electric power, it is also to a large extent that attention must be paid to driving on the bicycle lane, thus ensuring safety.


Then, to hidden battery electric folding bike in the brake, the motor current is also cut off at this time, there is no need to worry about the brake when the motor will continue to forward; but once the brake release, this time Acceleration handle that is in the acceleration position, the motor will immediately get the current forward.


Finally, we actually have to pay attention to hidden battery electric folding bike to use the lithium car, then the price will be a little more expensive, the price is close to three thousand dollars. Taken together, the use of lithium battery hidden battery electric folding bike, to its extent to a large extent that is more suitable for short distances on the ride, pollution-free at the same time it is to avoid the phenomenon of traffic jams.

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