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Hard tail frames

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 21, 2016
Source: Hard tail frames

Ride more efficiently, lighter, low price, good a shelf around 2000.

Hard tail, as its name suggests, after no damping function, but most have a shock-absorbing front fork. A few years ago, to choose the two is simple: people often buy hard tail mountain bikes. With the development of shock after what is buying hard tail mountain bike is shock absorbing mountain bikes is very difficult to choose. Despite the shock absorbing mountain bikes have improved a lot, but hard tail mountain bike technology is also in development. Hard tail mountain bike is shock absorbing mountain bikes also depends on what you intend to do by bike--you going to take part in the cross country race, the whole mountain is off-road or stationary nature journey? With experience, you intend to cross terrain on high technical requirements, you may need a hard tail mountain bikes.

Hard tail mountain bike is a highway terrain and line ideal for road and race. It's total shock absorbing mountain bikes are lighter, more durable and less expensive. Lighter is because there are fewer frame parts, more durable is because it has no pivots or rear shock absorber needs maintenance. This means it requires less maintenance costs, so it is cheaper to use, lower initial purchase price. For these reasons, hard tail mountain bike has been selected for many off-road race. Whether you are a mountain bike novice or seasoned veteran, hard tail mountain bike is very good track racing bikes. In fact, if you are on a hard tail mountain bike, you will probably agree, it really can handle most of the terrain.

All commonly used are: Giant ATX Pro/XTC FR/Team, Merida TFS/HFS, Trek 8500, Trek Elite 8.9 (8500 upgrade), Specialized S-Works hard, lift 200 and so on

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