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Full suspension electric bike battery maintenance

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 20, 2017

A series of electric vehicles, including full-suspension electric bicycles, will be more important in terms of battery maintenance. However, along with the continuous price increase of electric car battery, full hanging electric bicycle is constantly rising prices, this time, good battery maintenance of electric vehicles in fact, it would seem more important, this time, that is, to pay attention to Charger on the maintenance.


On the full suspension electric bike charger maintenance, the first point is concerned, we actually should be careful not to be able to replace the charger, you can not get rid of the controller on the speed limit. For different manufacturers in terms of the charger, that is, there will be personalized needs, when not sure when you can not be free to replace the charger.


If the full suspension of electric bicycles on the longer mileage requirements, it is necessary to pay attention to charge for off-site and equipped with a number of chargers, this time, to a large extent it is necessary to pay attention to the day to make up for the charge The charger directly uses the additional charger, and the night with the original charger. Remove the controller on the speed limit, even if you can increase the speed of some cars, in addition to reducing the car's own safety, it will reduce the battery life itself.


Furthermore, the full suspension electric bike charger protection, the charger on the note that is, we need to pay attention to more users also do not have to read the manual's habits, often after the problem will only be remembered to find instructions Look, it's late.


Full suspension electric bicycle charger protection, the first point to speak, but also timely attention should not be placed on the full suspension electric bicycle trunk and car basket which. In special circumstances, it is necessary to pay attention to the move, that is, pay attention to the charger with foam packaging, so that it is to prevent the occurrence of vibration bumps.

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