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Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 21, 2016
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Front forks are of high scientific and technological content in mountain bike parts, rigid front fork mountain bikes have been rare, and mostly with shock absorber front fork. Several plants around the world fork well: RST, and SR Suntour (c extension), DNM, and RockShox, and Marzocchi (Marzocchi), Manitou, and FOX and the BOS ... ... Five forks, 1000 Yuan following the popularity of model fork, and two less common, and the price is too high, even if universal fork is close to 2000, new riders to bear, bought also make it difficult in effect.

Fork type of media:

⑴, spring forks: the fork of the most simple, no damping.

Characteristics: cheap, 300 yuan to buy a good.

B, drag fork: fork to resistance to media, there is no damping.

Features: not the worst, but resistance fork about ages three years and needs to be replaced.

C, oil Springs fork: spring (Coil) for elastic medium, oil-damped.

Features: the most, but the most substantial. Spring run, dynamite, responsive, once half-shock oil, remove fork oil change.

D, oil and gas fork: with air (Air) for the elastic medium, oil damper to earthquake.

Features: lighter than fork Oil Springs, but strong decrease. (Also not so low as to where to go, common cross country enough. ) Once half a year, will provide specialized air free, bought separately, barometer about 200 Yuan. With air as medium benefit is lighter in weight, can protect the rider's wrists in a high-speed off-road parts, but not too insensitive to small vibration.

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