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Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 21, 2016
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Whether a mountain bike ride comfort, lightweight and easy to control, and can withstand a high strength, can spend more time, whether to upgrade, the key is to look at the frame.

Frame can be divided into two kinds: hard tail frame, full suspension frame (soft tail frame)

Briefly the frame size option: select frame according to height, be sure to select the frame, and this is very important!

Frame and height reference data:

150-160 15 inch-14 inch-155-165

16 inch 17 inch-160-170-165-175

18 inch-19 inch 170-180-175-185

180-190 21 inch-20 inch-185-195

By 2009, almost all of the mountain bike is a 26-inch, until 2009, and MARMOT Marmot bicycle company in United States Washington, developed the world's first 27.5 inch/650B vehicle. Because the model is able to make the bike the best handling, stability, security, and best performance since then, cycling revolution of new wheel diameter, major brands have to follow to develop the vehicle, 27.5 inch/650B vehicle has gradually become the mainstream bike market products [6].

Because everyone of body proportion are not as, leg long arm long different, taught everyone a most simple most practical of actual measurement method: wearing you of shoes, across with frame stands in frame Shang tube, double feet and shoulder with wide, hip Department and frame Shang tube due 5-6 cm around of distance; if Shang tube close or next to hip Department is frame big has, if Shang tube away from hip Department too far on description frame small has. Like off-road riders to pick the smaller, crotch and the top tube of the frame should be 6-10 centimeters distance. It's good handling, high security, since cross-country was more dangerous, so the smaller frame.

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