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Fat tires electric mountain bike selling point

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 31, 2018

When buying a fat tires electric mountain bike, everyone wants to buy their favorite Fat Tire electric mountain bike, so what is the good standard? This is to be analyzed from its main selling point.


The first is about the life cycle of a fat tire electric mountain bike. Most consumers in the purchase, they will also consider this issue: Under normal circumstances, a full charge after the car can run it? This problem is very important especially when traveling in the mountains.


Followed by the fat tire on the electric mountain bike deceleration performance. We are in the process of riding, hope whether it is speed or deceleration, the car can be smooth over, this is not only more secure, but also can reduce the car jitter.


The third factor is that the fat tire electric mountain bike automatically adjusts the brake depth. This is because in the process of riding a mountain road, due to the traffic environment is more complex and changeable, a good mountain bike should be able to automatically adjust the braking depth according to the user's riding habits, thus safer riding.


The third factor to consider is the cost of replacing the battery. Battery as a fat tire electric mountain bike one of the core components, directly determine the mileage, has been more and more consumers value. A good battery should have a longer life, so as to be accepted by the vast number of consumers. And generally better battery quality is about 300 to 500 yuan.


In addition to these factors, consumers should also consider the characteristics of fat-tire electric mountain bike (such as the use of fat tires), braking system performance, charging performance, service performance and after-sales service standards. These factors have a great impact on the future use of fat-tire electric mountain biking.

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