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Fat tires electric mountain bike in the use of regular deep discharge

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 22, 2017

In the first place, we actually need to pay attention to that the fat-tire electric mountain-bike is generally used on more complicated roads and when it is being driven, it will have to a large extent More gentle performance, but to have a good life of the fat tire electric mountain bike, it is necessary to pay attention to its battery maintenance.


More importantly, on the application of fat tires electric mountain bike battery, in fact, we should pay attention to the measures should be taken to take regular deep discharge. This is because the battery after a deep discharge on a regular basis, it is to a large extent it will be conducive to "activate" the battery, this time, which is able to slightly increase the capacity of the battery.


On the fat tires electric mountain bike battery deep discharge method, that is, pay attention to the battery to a complete discharge. Completely discharge the way, that is, under the conditions of normal load on the flat road directly to the first ride under-voltage protection. Here is also to note that special is to pay attention to emphasize the first undervoltage protection.


And the battery after the first under-voltage protection, the battery runs over a period of time, the voltage is there will be a rise in the phenomenon, then, that is, will return to a non-under-voltage state, this time, if you go to use the battery , Then the damage on the battery will be larger, if you use this call back riding a few times, that is, it may cause the battery to be completely scrapped phenomenon.


Lastly, when it comes to the effect of this discharge on the battery of a fat-tire electric mountain bike, we actually have to pay attention to the fact that after the fat-battery electric mountain bike battery is fully discharged, it will do so as far as the battery is concerned A certain amount of full charge. At this time, the battery capacity will be greatly improved.

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