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Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Brought About By The Unique Riding Experience

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2017

Electric bicycles, electric motorcycles gradually popularized, the electric bike industry has launched a fat tires electric mountain bike. If only from the appearance point of view, it is no different with the ordinary mountain bike, but if you can observe the power generation, in the vehicle axis position has a highly efficient brushless motor, under the frame position is a lithium battery, making the vehicle The electric drive.

Fat tires electric mountain bike Compared with traditional mountain bikes, many accessories are also standard accessories for mountain bikes. The main difference is that a motor is added to the center of the shaft, a lithium battery is placed under the tube, and the other is a bilateral torque sensor. To achieve the left and right foot force of the situation alone induction.

Fat tires electric mountain bike

When the rider puts the foot on the fat tires on the electric mountain bike, the torque sensor can obtain the induction data, and the foot force will be fed back to the control system in real time, when the center will convert the rider's pedaling force into Digital signal, passed to the torque real-time analysis and control system and converted to motor control signals.

These signals will be through the efficient brushless motor to provide a stable, smooth basis of power, and then through a group of precision planetary reduction mechanism into a large torque output power, thus driving the fat tires electric mountain bike smooth, stable and powerful forward.

Especially in the uphill when the time will usually feel more difficult, but the Fat tire mountain bike electric at this time can output a stronger power, so riding more relaxed; and downhill when the fat tires electric mountain bike motor output Become smaller, this time the gravity will drive their own vehicles forward.

Fat tire mountain bike electric.jpg

In addition to the output force of the tires can be adjusted according to the strength of the pedal of the pedal, the car is equipped with fat tires is also a major feature, this tire grip is very good, can adapt to a variety of different road conditions, Very durable.

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